The Cellulose and Natural Materials group, led by Professor Eichhorn at the University of Exeter, is primarily engaged in the study of the mechanics of natural materials (cellulose from plants, shells, fingernails) and the interfaces in natural composites. We also have an activity on the use of cellulose for tissue engineering applications. The main techniques that are used are Raman spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction. We have a multidisciplinary group of students and postdoctoral researchers, with backgrounds in chemistry, engineering and biology. Please enjoy this website, and if you want to apply for a PhD position then contact me on

New opportunities in the group

A new postdoctoral position is available here to work on an EPSRC funded programme of research investigating ionic liquid spun cellulose fibres.

Click here here to read about the position and to apply.

Professor Eichhorn's CV is available here

Google Scholar profile here




Last update: 08/05/2013


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