Research on "nanopaper" featured on BBC's One Show

See me test the mechanical properties of nanopaper on the BBC's One Show (aired 27th January 2014)

University press release here

BBC iPlayer link here (limited availability)

 Prof Eichhorn wins the Rosenhain Award and Medal

Prof. Steve Eichhorn has won the 2012 Rosenhain Award and Medal. This award is given by the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOMMM) in recognition of Prof Eichhorn's contributions to materials science. Full details can be found here

 Both Franck and Supachok pass their vivas - in the same week!

Well done to Franck and Supachok for defending their work. Franck has now got a job at BASF and Supachok returns to his institute in Thailand.

Jim passes his Viva!

Well done to Jim for passing his PhD viva. Jim has also obtained a prestigious EPS faculty fellowship to continue his work at Manchester on the interaction of cells with cellulose nanowhiskers.

New Paper out in Nature Materials


Luis Ribeiro measured the mechanical properties of some synthetic biominerals (calcium carbonate) incoporating pseudo-proteins and found that their hardness increased compared to the pure materials - as seen for biological materials such as seashells. Read all about it at


 "An artificial biomineral formed by incorporation of copolymer micelles in calcite" Yi-Yeoun Kim, Kathirvel Ganesan, Pengcheng Yang, Alexander N. Kulak, Shirly Borukhin, Sasha Pechook, Luis Ribeiro, Roland Kröger, Stephen J. Eichhorn, Steven P. Armes, Boaz Pokroy and Fiona C. Meldrum. Nature Materials (2011) 10.1038/NMAT3103.

 Phd Student Jim Dugan wins prestigious ACS Award

Jim Dugan has won the student prize for the ACS Cellulose and Renewable Materials Division for his work on orienting muscle cells using templated cellulose nanowhiskers (Biomacromolecules, 11, 2498-2504). You can see a picture of him below (second left) and me (sunglasses) at the reception where he received the award. Other people pictured are Dr Jie Cai (Wuhan University) - left and Professor Margaret Frey (Cornell)

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